Once again, we have to write something: for English or for studies. We live in the culture of writing and generally, every moment, we have to put our literary talent to the test. Often something does not work out. Why are some people able to write a good job in a few days, and others who spend weeks on it, get worse grades? Is this injustice also concerned with you?

Or maybe you are still wondering what to do to finally write something that will be appreciated? Maybe you have to write your first job and you do not know how to do it. In this article we will tell you step by step what to do to make your work as best as possible!

The things you need

  • idea
  • computer
  • relevant literature

The first and at the same time the most difficult step is the idea. It is not easy to find him. Sometimes the pool of things that we have to write about is very limited, sometimes we even have topics given “on the tray”, but it is not always the case. In particular, in the humanities (such as anthropology, psychology, art history, sociology, history, literature), we already have a bigger problem, especially when we still have to prove a thesis. So when we have no topic, it’s best to browse textbooks and notes first.

Maybe there was an interesting topic discussed in the class that we could develop? If we do not find anything there, we can review the literature of the subject. Sometimes the idea will come simply by surprise, so let’s look for inspiration: surf the Internet, watch TV, let’s go to an interesting exhibition, and something will finally dazzle us. Certainly, do not do anything by force. Let something really interest us so much that we will want to write about it or investigate it ourselves.

If you already have an idea for a job, you should choose the right literature. It is also not so easy, especially if we do not have many hints from the lecturer. In that case, we should turn on the computer and look for something on the web. It’s best to enter a phrase that is the core of our topic. We can also write it in Wikipedia and check footnotes for articles that interest us. Do not forget to ask your friends if they do not know any interesting items that can help us.

If we write about a historical figure, artist or the like, let’s go through the internet catalogs of libraries by entering the name and surname of that person. Let’s check her bibliography. If we want to write about a phenomenon, enter the appropriate password in the search engine, eg if we would like to write about the receipt of a myth in Greek society, first enter the word myth and learn more about this concept.

Once we have a ready bibliography and review the reading that will serve as a support for our work, we can write an outline. We must always have three basic parts in it, namely:

  • Admission
  • Developing
  • End

So we need to know how to start, what we want to write about and how to comment on the work. Of course, the more detailed the outline will be, the easier it will be later to write a job on it. Each of the three points should be divided into sub-items that will refer to the paragraphs of our work. These sub-points may contain further developments detailing important information, arguments and theses.


  • Remember not to leave work for the last minute.
  • If you have problems with chaotic writing, make sure your outline is detailed. Write a job based on him.