Statistically, the stories of “autumn” masters look the same. First, the last year of study, a year full of good resolutions and quick defense plans. In the academic year, there is often a lack of inspiration, or just other activities (after all, this is the last year of study). As a result, in the middle of a hot day the student sweats nervously over the unsaved Word file and bites his nails and realizes that three months have been defended. Does this description fit your situation? If so, you may also find the following tips useful.

Think positive

Nothing has been lost yet, you still have the chance to successfully complete your studies. Think that millions of students have done it before you, so you can do it.

Set the time of day when you work best and use it to the maximum.
Do not sit over work when you are distracted and you can not collect your thoughts. It only deepens the frustration and creative impotence. If you are bothered by high temperatures during the day, try to write at night.

Set a precise action plan

Because you have less and less time, it is worth planning approximate how much you want to spend on reading and completing materials, and how much to write.

Take care of good contact with the promoter

The summer period is usually the time of leave of academics, but it is worth all the corrections to your work were applied on a regular basis, so do everything to let your tutor read individual chapters as soon as possible. Also, try to provide him with reading materials in a timely manner.

If the time passes and you still feel the aversion to writing, try to impose on yourself the discipline of writing a specific number of pages a day.
Creating a master’s thesis with the “craft” method may not be too creative or developing, but very effective. Seeing a steady increase in the pages, you will gain peace of mind, and thanks to that, maybe with time and pleasure in what you do.


  • Remember, if a man is shown the right level of determination, everything is possible. There are known cases of master’s thesis during the week (which later turned out to be a pass to doctoral studies).
  • When planning the time to prepare a job, do not forget that 2 weeks before the planned date of defense you must complete all the formalities in the dean’s office, and therefore also submit one copy of the written work signed by the promoter.